Beginnings….. building a personal growth and development community

April 8, 2008


When was the last or first time you heard of the word zenith? I recall a television (dating myself perhaps) called Zenith. One of our first tv’s were a Zenith model.  I have a website that’s in its infancy stage named “finding your zenith” which  basically came about one day when i was sitting in a meeting of  people seeking to enrich their lives financially so that they could have more time to do what they really want to do . They were at different stages of the life.  I noticed that they were in search of something beyond material possessions. One young man talked about proudly his part -time job as a service person. He mentioned how he had made so many mistakes. He wasn’t by himself, I said to myself. But it brought me to thinking about  what it would be like to actually find, pinpoint, begin create or architect your desires.  Zenith by definition implies a pinnacle; highest point. Well, that sounds about right. Nevertheless, it brought me back to looking around the room noticing an abundance of experiences, stories, and accomplishements. It dawned on me that the conversations surrounding their stories were about scarcity in their lives.  I don’t have any particular objective for this blog but to build a community whereby we can share our quest/zenith building and  testify and support the great things that we are accomplishing in our daily lives despite our daily obstacles and challenges. I do hope to meet you and share my comments and resources .

see ya soon…


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