the inauguration

January 13, 2009

Despite all the dire things that are going on there’s some excitement in the air.  We (americans) are on the verge of making history.  I’m excited for our nation and what it says about how we all have developed both socially and politically. We will take on the left over agenda of the Bush administration which has left us all with much to do. I sincerely do hope that each and everyone of us despite our racial, cultural, economical, social , political, religious,  environmenta l, and educational status that we so possess will do our individual part in helping our nation and our President transition in a healthy way!

I don’t know about you but I’m so inclined and willing to turn a little more greener this year in terms of  using less of the utilities around the house. I will expand my garden to include all sorts of vegetables, take more walks and activites that will keep the cost of health care down, and help my fellow neighbors whenever i can .  What are some of your personal do’s for the year that can and will help both nationally and globally. In addition there’s much to ponder and reflect upon regarding the climate of violence in the neighborhoods across our nation and the global wars that seem to linger and escalate throughout the world.  Is there a solution? Can there be peace? What role does economics play into all this? Where are you emotionally and physically?  I notice that the word personal growth has popped up in the media in the past year! I keep trying to find a lighter topic or subject to talk about but this is perhaps where we are cognitively speaking! I promise to leave the word dire alone for now. I will meditate and pray and do all those things I can think positively.  Don’t forget that we have something to celebrate about in approximately eight days! I welcome comments and discussions.  I hope that if you find my blog worth passing along to others that you will do so.  Oh! I have a “Free Goals Report” for you over at my website   see ya soon….


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