Flight 1549 -Something to Celebrate about…..

January 16, 2009

We have all been there, almost there… well the part where the flight attendant gives you the safety instructions, you know ,where the emergency doors are and how to  use the drop down oxygen mask and the floatation device.  But most of  us were not there for the 3:31 miracle in the water event on the Hudson! I can imagine the adrenaline rush, the- this is not happening moment, where for just a few seconds everything  seems hopeless.  Turbulence is enough to say the least. Anyway, everything that unfolded this past afternoon was in place and as a result aligned to bring about a more than sigh of relief, how about a moment to reflect upon the thing that we all sometimes take for granted our life.  This time we’re all left with something to rejoice  to jump up and down about.  Yes, Hollywood couldn’t have directed such an ending.  This was big , enormous.   There are miracles that happen in our lives and all around  us. Effortlessly , we may only have to stop and look around us to experience it! I ‘m quite happy for all those folks and I hope you feel the same.   We simply have so much to be thankful for every second of the day! see ya soon…


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