Are You Being Tested?

February 27, 2009

Surprisingly enough, if you really want something to happen then it will. It’s absolutely reversible from what you don’t want. I have an exam  that’s coming up in about three weeks in which after four attempts I actually believe without a doubt that I will pass this test. I know exactly what you’re thinking, “He studied this time.” Yes I did and you know what, it may make the difference this time. Finally, I have figured it all out. Success is spelled s-u-c-c-e-s-s not  f-a-i-l-u-r-e.  Why did it take so long ?  Can you see me throwing all the study guides and notes into the garbage  once and for all.  I  may have solved a lingering question as to why I haven’t heard a word from my audience. I ‘m going to make another affirmation. President Obama will  gain the support from both Republicans and Democrats this year!  Don’t  even go there. I said nothing about 2010!  Let’s try something new, something different.  Leave a comment  or an observation about this post.  If  I’m impressed or moved you will receive One -90 minute coaching session and a personality assessment (free)!  This is the season for giving!  Leave comments here and forward a duplicate comment with your email address to findingyourzenith@gmail .com    (Offer expires March 1, 2009)

Curt Canada MSW – Personal Growth Coach at Finding Your Zenith in Washington DC. Curt holds a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Teaching from The University of Iowa and the American University.


Getting Back to Basics!

February 20, 2009

It seems that everyone has something to write about these days and that’s rather healthy. I sat down last evening to inventory my blog submissions to ascertain whether I had kept up with my initial theme. My readers were told back in April of 2008 that I would write about those human interest stories that were positive in nature, articles about overcoming personal challenges, tips and suggestions to help each of us.  The overall objective  had to do with striving to reach our highest potential. I set out to aspire and to inspire others in their day to day struggles!  I anticipated a deluge of comments ! This hasn’t happened at all and that’s one reason why I  have chosen to ask for your valuable input. I want to highlight your accomplishments that do not necessarily make it on the front page of our daily newspapers! I can only to do this if you help me get outside of my head .  That’s exactly why I ‘ve returned  to “Back to Basics“.  Your comments , stories, questions, successes, and challenges are vital .  Finding Your Zenith is an “about you ” blog! Let me know how you’re coping in an uncertain economy. Give me something to write about! I would like to know how I can help you set goals and reach them!  How bad is it out there for you in your communities and households? How are you managing stress? What role does prayer and meditation play in your life? Why clipping coupons can stretch your personal dollars?  In addition, I would love to hear from my current viewers  also ! 

Curt Canada MSW a graduate of both The University of Iowa and The American University provides personal growth coaching at Finding Your Zenith in Washington DC.  Go to for further information!

I  thought this would get someones attention. Nevertheless , it is in the form of the “Stimulus ” package. If you’re thinking about getting any of it you had better get on the ball and contact that huge network of folks all the way from local government to the White House! It’s a Great Day in America.  This is sort of a “Christmas in February ” so to speak!  Here’s my personal wish list…

monies for re-enty related programs for the soldiers and their families

reduction of crime in our neighborhoods

homeless in homes

jobs for the unemployed

a real housing solution that will benefit the consumer and those affected by the banking debacle

HIV-AIDS community research and education programs in Washington DC and treatment centers

 americans  getting involved in personal exercise programs

lowering of prices on can goods below a $1 per can

lowering of prices on pomegrante juice

funding for life coaching clinics and research

removal of security guards from schools and a return to learning

more dog parks for the lucky’ and briggs’ of the world


American support for a President (Obama) whose objective is to bring about community, growth ,and peace for all!

money is falling from the american sky….. where will it land?

What does your wish list look like?

Thank you very much!

Curt Canada has a Master Degree from both The American University and The University of Iowa in Teacher Education and Social Work. He provides Personal Growth Coaching at Finding your Zenith in Washington DC.

  I attended The National  Black Leadership Commission Conference on  HIV-AIDS  in Washington DC on  February 11, 2009 at Galludet University and time stood still! I simply forgot about this social pandemic that’s ravaging the nation’s capital. Our communities are  facing this problem across the country.The District of Columbia ranks at the top of the list nationally and 22nd in the world. Surprisingly enough, it ‘s continuing to increase!I will not inundate you with any other obvious social ills thats affecting America. I ask that you “share the news that should be news today.”  We  can all begin to eradicate this disease by getting tested. That’s “Reaching Our Highest Point.” Google “The Black Leadership Commision on AIDS” for further information!

Curt Canada MSW   attended graduate studies at The American University and The University of Iowa in Social Work and Teacher Education. He provides personal growth coaching and consulting at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.

Have you ever had something you wanted to do or to achieve that stood in your way. You found all sorts of reasons not to do it. Everything was there for you to get this monkey off your back. Well today I did my first radio talk show on  “Blogtalk Radio”.  It wasn’t the greatest presentation and yes I have some work to do  but I made it through despite some technical difficulty in the middle of the show. I want to encourage all my readers and your friends and families to help those that you know of that suffer from a phobia and an unknown fear that leads to the beginning of procrastination and health issues that are costly.  I promised my audience that i would provide the various websites that dealt with the topic discussed on the show. 

Learn The Art of Getting Things Done – read about the Morita Therapy and Naikan methods of Japanese psychology/strategies for getting out of the mud.

Procrastion: Ten Things To Know- Hara Estroff Marano poses the question/ Is your procrastination hindering you?

Motivating Minds- People procrastinate when asked to think in the abstract.

So go ahead and stop spending  time on a task or dream that you need to tackle but keep putting off?  I love the word Tomorrow but procrastination is its middle name! Create small steps or break that challenging task into doable parts. If you have created a monster emotionally or physically get medical attention. Most symptoms deriving from chronic procrastination can be resolved through cognitive behavioral therapy or Coaching.  Listen to the entire show at   Join me on next show and I would personally like to thank all those persons who visited  my first show!

Curt Canada MSW personal growth coach at Finding Your Zenith located in Washington DC .

If you recall I did right about the church I fondly enjoy attending over there on Rhode Island Avenue NE  in Washington DC. I wonder if the Pastor has wind or knowledge of my invitation to the President of the United States of America. I noticed that President Obama made a surprised visit to one of the many charter schools yesterday, a sort of getaway from the White House moment! This happened yesterday here in Washington. Nevertheless, i do hope that Abundant Life- Church of God and Christ at 2373 Rhode Island Ave. N.E. will be placed at the top of his list for the ” no news Sundays or when he wishes he were somewhere else .” Actually, it would be a pleasure to welcome the President and his family to our church and to see all the development and economic possibilities that exist for any extra dollars that doesn’t quite fit into the existing budget.  Let’s move on because the title of this blog is February 4 2009. I’m so glad that we’re just months away from spring minus a DC snowfall of about 2-3 inches. Hopefully today we will here great news coming from Capitol Hill regarding the stimulus package and the Budget. In addition, on the local front, I hope we will here that the crime rate has dropped, that  our children are attending school and doing all they can to stay out of trouble.  Yes, because this is the season of change , to think differently, to volunteer, to give, to share ,  to be polite or at least find out its meaning. It is a time to produce which is to be productive both in our communities across this land and in the workplace.  I see test scores rising because parents and students along with teachers are not subjected to test taking and have chosen to work together no matter how difficult the situation. Make sure that no one forget that things have changed here in America and that there are no longer any excuses. That in fact learning increases through one’s passion and desire to acquire new knowledge. Without this new knowledge through practice and inquiry that we succeed as a nation  and as a global community. February 4 2009 like each and every other day, a day as a former counselor would say, ” A Day in which to Achieve”.

Curt Canada is a graduate of the University of Iowa and the American University provides Personal Growth Coaching and Consulting at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.   www.