Are You Being Tested?

February 27, 2009

Surprisingly enough, if you really want something to happen then it will. It’s absolutely reversible from what you don’t want. I have an exam  that’s coming up in about three weeks in which after four attempts I actually believe without a doubt that I will pass this test. I know exactly what you’re thinking, “He studied this time.” Yes I did and you know what, it may make the difference this time. Finally, I have figured it all out. Success is spelled s-u-c-c-e-s-s not  f-a-i-l-u-r-e.  Why did it take so long ?  Can you see me throwing all the study guides and notes into the garbage  once and for all.  I  may have solved a lingering question as to why I haven’t heard a word from my audience. I ‘m going to make another affirmation. President Obama will  gain the support from both Republicans and Democrats this year!  Don’t  even go there. I said nothing about 2010!  Let’s try something new, something different.  Leave a comment  or an observation about this post.  If  I’m impressed or moved you will receive One -90 minute coaching session and a personality assessment (free)!  This is the season for giving!  Leave comments here and forward a duplicate comment with your email address to findingyourzenith@gmail .com    (Offer expires March 1, 2009)

Curt Canada MSW – Personal Growth Coach at Finding Your Zenith in Washington DC. Curt holds a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Teaching from The University of Iowa and the American University.


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