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March 12, 2009

my name is curt canada and i live in washington dc

i love and live to make a difference in others lives especially for our forgotten seniors and the less fortunate.

recently i launched the yellowbluehouse project which represents  this real present day story i am about to share with you!

while walking my dog, i ran into an elderly woman who lives in this little old house that has shown a lot of wear and tear. most of the paint had fallen off  and the roof looked a little suspect. The windows appeared opaque. over the past five months we have had small talk until now.

in the back of my mind i was orchestrating how i could get some friends and other volunteers together to paint the exterior portion of her house this spring.  That’s the least i could do , I thought?

she has since given me permission to do the work at no cost to her. However, there’s more pressing issues in which i have recently found out.

 Maybe you will help me help her? See, there’s more to this story.  Yes, there’s a huge whole in the back room(the unfinished addition), plumbing issues, trash collection (junk in backyard, kitchen ceiling repair, and more…) i am determined to do all i can do to help remain at home.

 I am presently seeking assistance locally. ” Yes, i can use your help , words of wisdom, and any financial contributions to further this  project and all future ongoing projects !  Email me if you have further questions! see ya soon…. They say “dream Big…’

Visit www.findingyourzenith.com for further information on how you may assist in this mission.

Curt Canada heads a personal growth coaching practice in Washington DC. In addition, Curt is the vision and mission behind the ” YellowBlueHouse” Project.


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