What’s Next……

May 26, 2009

Do you want to know? Do you anticipate your next move ? How much control do you have in deciding what’s next? Perhaps having a plan or a schedule places you in the driver’s seat or at an advantage.  Let me give you a clue as to why I chose this title instead of something less difficult like learning how to fold your clothes.

Let ‘s just begin with another paragraph even though the subject matter hasn’t really changed. What a clever way of placing the reader in your shoes or better yet in step with you while you touch each key on the keyboard forming a word and then a sentence and then a blog post. Surprisingly enough, I have almost written two paragraphs while holding your attention as I ponder that question. 

I’m challenging you to join me in writing the next two blog entries here at Finding Your Zenith. Tell what you would like to discuss or share about your world; your quest or new journey !  I know that some of you readers out there are unemployed  or just lost your jobs and you’re finding it hard to simply place food on your tables !  In addition, Some of you can’t afford to pay for your medicine. Perhaps you gotta rah rah story, I would like to hear about it!  Let’s not even get started on talking about the housing problems ! I’m looking for your comments, suggestions, questions, and stories.

So what’s next….?    “Blessing you for now!”


Curt Canada is your personal development coach at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.


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