Reaching Higher Heights

June 2, 2009

lulu project 041It has been awhile since my last post and it was a flat-line experience in terms of the number of readers that visited my blog. Here’s a story I think you will enjoy reading . I chose the title because I think there’s wisdom in planning and completing most projects. I suppose you or your family has some household project you  have planned to accomplish this summer season? So, here’s a story that’s not so like all my past blogposts!

 My wife and I are landscaping our entire backyard let’s say about a quarter of an acre. We’re not in a hurry and our plans and goals have been discussed leaving us to array of possibilities and creativity. I suppose you have experienced such; perhaps not in the form of a landscaping project but another planned activity. In addition, Things don’t always happen as planned ; for example the time when I looked up and there was a huge dumptruck greeting me with a huge pile of dirt. The truck was so large that he had only one alternative and that was to drop the dirt sandwiched between our place and the neighbor’s house  next door. Actually we needed this dirt to level off our backyard but not at such a price or inconvenience.  Nevertheless, this pile of dirt remained in place for about 45 days. Let’s just say that for the sake of Murphys Law, it rained at least six days in a row during that first week . A small lake had formed in the backyard. Water does seek its own level which happened to be our basement windows and the driveway leading to the front yard. Nothing is wrong with great intentions especially when there’s a definite plan or at least a forseeableway out. Well you and I know that things just don’t always happen that way. Thanks to our friend Daniel and his little yellow tractor. I looked up one day and all of a sudden that pile of dirt or human-made obstacle had been moved. I had not to my knowing agreed to paint his livingroom if he moved our disaster.That was reaching higher heights because all of a sudden the dirt disappeared right in front of my eyes.  Gosh, it felt absolutely strange .We could now begin again to  create a plan of action along with bringing in an additional sundry of personnel to assist us in completing this portion of our mission and vision.  We’re reaching higher heights because that was last year and with putting in 25hours plus each week this spring ,we’ ve managed to complete three retaining walls and various gardens with  flowers,veggies, and strawberries peeking up way above the soil.

However , yesterday I sat out early around 8 am to replant and locate a bunch of Alaska Shasta Daisies along the right side of the hilly slope  near a fence . I began digging the soil which had been very moist from yesterday evening’s rain. This would only take me less than an hour tops to dig, pull  weeds, replenish the soil, plant ,and water. Surprisingly enough, I felt my shovel hit against something below perhaps a buried car part or a leg from a metal chair. I couldn’t tell what it was even after I knelt down to get a closer view.  I had dug around this thing for about another 2 feet and forty minutes. I sat down next to the hole to get even a closer look.  All of a sudden my morning zestful positive mood had shifted a bit.  Now the time to ponder a solution.  I began to reflect on a few other projects and goals of mine that had hit a plateau, a place of suspension.  What can I do and what can I learn from this experience. I jumped up and ran to the house with excitement with let’s share this moment with others . I brought back my camera and began taking pictures from all sorts of angles . In doing so I began to tug at that this object and it began to loosen a little. All of a sudden after trying to remove it with a wood saw , I gave up I suppose and gave one more back and forth motion while grasping it, it simply broke off.  There’s so much to impart from this experience but it was definitely worthwhile.  I finally completed this portion of our mission as the heat from the almost noon day sun became unbearable.  I suspect that each of us at times sat out to do something when all of a sudden we’re forced to find or seek an alternative path  labeled on the sign in front of us “Reaching Higher Heights.” Photos are forthcoming…


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