My Shortest Post!

June 22, 2009

lulu project 045What’s going on in your life since my last post ?  I have managed to reduce the level of entries over at twitter and all my other social media sites. I continue to wrestle with my personal angst surrounding topics that will generate a comment or a response.  I’m really trying hard not to talk or discuss the news especially the global unrest in both Iran and Iraq. My heart and prayers are deeply focused on the two young women reporters who have been detained and sentenced in North Korea.  Ok, so I ‘m also back from a camping trip with the family and friends. Our most memorable moment consisted  of a sudden visit from a bear sitting about 20 feet away from us as we sat around a campfire in the Shenandoah National Park.I must say that we were a little shaken but remained still. The bear looked at us and then continuued to walk  through the brush off to the left of our tent.  I didn’t panic because i was caught by surprise.

So keeping with my shortest post , I would like to share some of my published work over at  Just follow this URL  ….….. Your comments are always appreciated!

see ya soon…..

PS. I ask your support for National Advocacy Today on June 25th Visit www.RESOLVE.ORG  for more information on how you can help in increasing awareness about infertility  and support  the new ” Family Building Act “.


Curt Canada provides coaching and advisement at FindingYourZenith  located in Washington DC.


One Response to “My Shortest Post!”

  1. Hello Curt,

    Since your last post I have been preparing for my three month Au-Pair experience in Spain! I can’t wait to immerse myself into the Spanish culture in every way possible! I will keep your posted!

    I would like to also to reduce my entries to things like Twitter, Facebook etc, however I must admit I am hooked! I have many friends all over the world and feel more connected when using Facebook!

    I am happy you didn’t get to know the bear one on one!

    Have a great week!


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