Ode To Public Transportation Mishaps!

June 25, 2009

My heart goes out to all the families and  citizens that are left behind after the recent public transportation tragedy here in Washington D.C. I don’t know about you but what I don’t know does bother me especially when there’s periodic raises in fares while systems continue to fall apart.

The mishap of the Air France plane that fell from the sky in such a bizarre way and horrific ending has been placed in the back of our minds. This tragedy only happened about a month ago!  I know that death and dying  is a part of life but more can be done to bring about safer transportation systems!

Yesterday I hopped on the subway at the Rhode Island Ave Metro station in route to Dupont Circle here in Washington DC.  I felt some reluctance and a little nervous but managed to quiet myself enough to look out at the passing landscape prior to entering the underground stations. I became fixed again on the message given by the metro driver regarding safety which for some reason or another stood out in italics this day. Repeatedly mentioned was the message that there would not  be any train service between Silver Spring and Fort Totten due to a situation that happened the other day.

I suppose that there’s more to this story of the train driver who gave it all she had to abort such a tragedy at the expense of a failed system we all place our trust in on a day to day basis.  I am not going to ask and seek closure for municipal and governmental negligence .  These incidences will happen  again and again due to normal system usage.  I can accept those types of occurences however the public and those families who have lost their loved ones need not have to worry about train cars and obsolete management objectives that will fall from  media networks and newspapers until the next horrible public disaster!

Dear D.C Metro:

May God Bless Us All.  However, PLEASE  “address and correct our transportation problems today!”  Establish and adminster standards necessary for safe travel in the nation’s capital!


Curt Canada is a Personal Development Coach  at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.


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