We have all had it happen to us where one day you look up and you run into an old friend at a conference or workshop. Suddenly, your brain is thrown in high gear as your mind deciphers where, how, and when  your last meeting was ? Was it a pleasant moment ? You sort of glance at the person and ask  sheepishly..is that you …ugh..well you know what I mean…then there’s the small talk and and then the other person continues to tell you there life story thinking that perhaps you will follow! Oh” How time fly?”  I sometime wonder about flying clocks! (a clock with wings on each side.) You then find your exit signal… you both reply;  ” It was nice seeing you”  and …let’s get in touch… you could have exchanged contact information?”

Anyway this past week I received about three email or what I call request for new information  from past acquaintances by way of  the social media giant “Facebook” where I was told was a great place to market your business and grow your client base.  I bet they googled me first! Not one of them were looking to advance themselves in terms of personal growth and development nor seeking a life coach.  I’m sure it had to do with the ecliptic energy we all experienced this past month on Mother Earth! 

However, chances are that we would meet again; it was in the cards; it was meant to be.  Eclipses,new adventure, past relationships, and re-kindling the flames or energy around us  has its advantages and its disadvantages. I really don’t quiteknow what to do with  running into my past but at  least it’s not face to face. That’s why I will cautiously and methodically acknowledge this past weeks’ occurrences. See,  I really want you to know that I’m an avid fan and student of astronomyand I”ve dabbled in the pseudo-science of astrology and  found it to be to my advantage at various times in my life.

Nevertheless, it just dawned on me that I can leave all of them in limbo…acknowledge there presence on my fb wall…or make a real conscious decision to reply….besides it’s ok … I guess… if while growing and marketing my business….a few past friends found me and desire a chat!

Have you had an ecliptic moment this past month and how has it affected you? I can’t blame Facebook and I”m not quite ready and ethically willing to take on past friends as clients. It could get a little messy!

So go ahead and eclipse me and at the same time visit me at http://tinyurl.com/cv5xec    . Read more about solar and lunar eclipse

at    http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse.html

There’s this one friend though that I’m interested in how their life has progressed but I will leave that person for another…well you know…


Curt Canada holds a Masters in Social Work and Elementary Education from The University of Iowa and  American University.  He heads the Personal Growth and Development practice ” FindingYourZenith”  in Washington DC.