When was the last time you allowed the word “IF” to enter into your world? I”ll admit that it enters my cognitive space daily. I don’t have the slightest idea as to why I picked this word. I think it has value in the area of  what could be as in inquiry about something. 

Take for a moment,what would you rather be a question or an answer? “If”… you stopped for a moment to examine the word question and the word answer you may think that they are of equal proportion. Then perhaps …”IF”…. you were futuristic in your thinking you might find that the word  question as somewhat infinite while the word answer is finite.

“If ” as a word alone … appears inactive, pondering, and perhaps a roadblock that  stands in the way of your vision and mission.

I am only using this analogy to say that the word “IF”  can be viewed as having greater positive value when used as a function to gain in knowledge or to take action.

“IF”… on the other hand, can be viewed as having lesser value  for example:

If I had a certain amount of money I could do xyz …Probably?

If someone reads this article they will think that  I’m really out there…Perhaps?

So what?

Think about it for  a moment and then move forward …Find the way to make it happen…

Put the word “IF” to work for you ! What’s wrong with being curious especially when you have done your homework!

I think that the word “IF”   as it awakens the mind to new vistas and possibilities!  Is such a word passive in nature? When will you leave such a word in the past so that you can get on with your dreams and aspirations?

What if I didn’t write this post?


Curt Canada at FindingYour Zenith, a Coaching Practice in Washington DC.