January was never really my favorite month of the year i  guess that’s because it’s associated with leftovers and new beginnings .  The weather for starters exhibit days with moderate to low sunlight, shorter days i suppose, having to wear more clothing, a seemingly lack of spunk or energy, reduction of outdoor activities, and much more.

I guess i shouldn’t be so against January because it presents me with a time to do a little reflection, to start a new project , to re-kindle  a friendship, rumble through last year’s clothing and sundry of household items i no longer use nor desire to use, ponder an increased exercise  program,  alter my food intake from quantity to quality, or plan a garden , read those books i purchased three months ago, or  plan more time with my family and pets.

Quite frankly,there are so many things I could do during January that i haven’t mentioned i.e. games, dancing, monopoly, scrabble, and yes, even puzzles! I think I had better stop right here for the moment regarding bashing January and choose a few things that really resonate with me as I embrace each day of this month that in the past quickly went unnoticed.

my list……

1 while i am walking our dogs, Tanner and Lucky, i will bring along a bag to pick up trash that’s been left along the curb

2  when around my friends, associates, strangers…. take a moment to listen to what they are really saying before i jump in with my response

3 give without thinking about why  and to whom

4 i did say two things but …..this one is most important , at least to me….Giving Thanks to God …..and saying thank you, thank you ,and many more thank yous  to all unknown and known gifts, challenges, opportunities, successes, sorrows , and surprises  i experience!

I think that I am really going to be very engaged this month  if not with so much to do  but with so much to think about what i am capable of doing for myself and for others!

That’s getting through January………….

Curt Canada provides advisement and coaching at FindingYourZenith a personal development, leadership, and executive coaching practice in Washington, DC.  Curt is a member of the International Coach Federation and Christian Coaches Network.