It has been repeated many times over that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Our bodies must refuel with nutrients beneficial for peak and optimum performance physically and cognitively.

Medical and economic research show  compelling reasons why we must get a handle on the food choices we’re making and quite frankly, it begins with breakfast. 

Healthcare cost is at an all-time high and continues to escalate. It is easy to fault the pharmaceutical companies and special interest but somewhere in this maze of blaming someone else, we have a personal stake in improving our own quality of  life and helping to lower cost.

The picture above depicts a low-calorie breakfast with about the right amount of carbs and definitely potassium give or take 275-300 calories geared for peak performance.  (Oatmeal and Weetabix blend)

“Au naturale” and very inexpensive!


reduced cholesterol

reduced stress

weight loss

a healthier heart

improved quality of life

financial savings

“not bad for a starter breakfast but you may have to change your thinking and behavior around what you decide a “healthy breakfast.”

the new breakfast paradigm……

Curt Canada is the Founder, Personal Development and Leadership Coach at FindngYourZenith, a Coaching practice in Washington DC. He holds a Masters in Social Work -The University of Iowa and a Masters in Teacher Education from The American University.  Curt is a Memeber of the International Coach Federation and the Christian Coaches Network. Visit  for further information.