Unemployed…redefining your life…physically spent…suddenly an unexpected outrageous career opportunity…what will you do?

March 30, 2010

 “According to BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics last reported in the month of February an unemployment rate of 9.7% based on the overall percentage of the labor force.”

You recently lost your job and finding a new one in this economy is tough… at least you thought! ….reality hasn’t quite set in for some of you who were recently let go…. still re-inventing yourself……. Your self-esteem has plummeted…..two early un-expecting family events have come up ….your whole world has suddenly turned upside down….the drive to work was so stressful….. you need some time to think about whether you’re going to look for a job or re-think a career change…

Unexpectedly you receive…

 A text message that says, congratulations, you have the qualifications we’re looking for…would love to schedule an appointment for  Monday ….

 Quite frankly, you have heard of the old adage, “what you wish for you may just get.”  That’s exactly what happened to one of you saddened, distraught, penniless, rejected, hopeless unemployed persons this past week.

  Sorry, but your transitioning period has come to an abrupt halt….the how you hate your former supervisor….question yourself about why you didn’t save more for a rainy day ….all the bills you have…..that there’s no food in the house….who would hire me now attitude…. you’re the lucky one…worry no more.

 Get the picture…..you have an important decision to make… your wishes, dreams, and prayers have been answered.   I don’t know but some of you may have considered starting your own business…saying no to this opportunity ….retire all together…. return to school or move somewhere else. Let’s just say that you said yes to the job offer and were hired.

 If this happens to you I suggest that you consider the life you had imagined a few days ago when you were daydreaming… go ahead and rearrange your travel plans…. visit those persons you haven’t seen in such a long time…take that vacation you always talked about… join that yoga class… meet with that scheduled career or life coach….count your blessings… And most importantly, don’t drop that volunteer work that you signed up for…finally, support the people you met who are still networking and beating the pavement each day to find a job. 

Curt Canada provides Executive, Leadership Development,and Career Coaching in Washington, D.C.  He holds a Masters degree from University of Iowa and The American University in Social Work and Teacher Education. Visit Curt at http://www.findingyourzenith.com


One Response to “Unemployed…redefining your life…physically spent…suddenly an unexpected outrageous career opportunity…what will you do?”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    SO important – remembering what you promised you do when you were promising you’d “do anything” if you could just get that perfect job. And remembering to do it.

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