Unemployed ….Year Later or More…Take Any Job You Can…Keeping The Family Together!

April 7, 2010

What a difference a day make but you never thought you would be out of work for a year or more?  Do you remember the day you were laid off ? Can you recall having a little extra money in your pocket?  Obviously, there one paycheck coming in and that’s not enough although you have accomplished much and gone through a rather vigorous transformation…and so has your partner or spouse and your family.

It’s obvious that your accomplishments are quite impressive but at the end of the day you’re not bringing home any money…remember money….

cooking and cleaning….yardwork…..dog sitter…..laundry services….scheduling of appointments and maintenance…..answering the phone…… if you have kids or children-getting them out the door…running or walking the errands…repairing things around the house….and at the end of the day act as if you’re not tired…maybe not as motivated…but feeling a little roller coaster like because this evening and especially tomorrow will come and it seems that it will be like yesterday…

Now think about it but not for long because you’re not bringing in a paycheck.  I suspect that even the new job or career ventures you have conjured up are but great ideas on paper….tried it but it didn’t work. The petty cash funding office for new ideas have closed.

You don’t have to go to CNN to find out what going on out here in America…folks like you are unemployed…some are transitioning into new careers…and some of you will go back to school..and some of you will lose not only your home  but your family….so a buck is a buck and you had better figure it out real soon…


1 forget about what you were doing yesterday in that last job…your past life

2 reinvent yourself real fast

3 you have shown that you can hold down a full-time or lengthy part-time job because you’ve accomplished much at home  during the past year or two

4 new resume…..new day……get your mind and body in shape for the new you…. get up off the mat…no title  …but with one objective….you love money..you need money…the family needs money…money makes the world go around…simple as that!

5 take any job you can…you can do it….i’m on your side…you are going to need an objective person on your side  who has been in your shoes… but understands quite frankly your social and economic status….no you’re not weird yet but you stand out like a sore thumb…no excuses…..

6 get a job ….part or full..as many hours as you can….even a little oil keeps the engine running and everything else …..getting out of that house may just do the trick….give you a new perspective on things

7 you ‘re on your way again…don’t look back …..go ahead and pat yourself on the back….  gotta love yourself  first….


8 Keep networking because you’re on  to something big …..some of you will write a bestseller…..besides those persons that are gainfully employed would probably benefit from your story

9 and no matter what ..stay positive and give thanks!

10 act today..tomorrow is will be another year


Curt Canada holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Teacher Education from the American University in Washington DC.   Curt provides professional coaching in the areas of executive, career, life, and leadership development.  Find out more about Curt and his passion to help others at www.curtcanada.com


One Response to “Unemployed ….Year Later or More…Take Any Job You Can…Keeping The Family Together!”

  1. 5kidswdisabilities Says:

    Great suggestions for finding a job. I think too many people are too picky about what job they will do. Almost any job offers the opportunity for advancement and promotion if you do your job conscientiously. (I took an icky job as waitress and raised through the ranks to be in charge of training for the whole chain of restaurants.)
    Lindsey Petersen

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