Essential Tools For Navigating A Successful Career Search

April 19, 2010

 Although you have recently been let go from a long rewarding career, how do you now put your best feet forward in beginning a new work/life chapter? It is not necessary to stick throughout your life to the same profession. There can be instances when you will think that you need to change your career to broaden your horizon be flexible, look out for opportunity, even change leading to new work. I urge you to update your resumé yearly even if you’re employed. You have to constantly be broadening your horizons no matter what the landscape, economic barriers, and vistas up ahead.

Job searchers use many tools to succeed in their job search. Gathering information, networking with potential employers and delivering resumes are possible goals. Individuals just beginning the job search will spend more time gathering information and fact-finding. Job searchers further along in the process may have targeted resumes ready to give to specific companies. Take time out to list all those persons that are a part of your present network.. Follow-up with the persons you know first before moving on to establishing new networking goals.

Suggested Tools

 –goal setting      establishing long and short-term goals…exact timetable…recognizing immediate opportunities…..when goal has been realized and accomplished…when to move on…keep moving forward…you will get there!

 –gathering information    how you match up with the job requirements, culture, and environment vs. your identified personality

 –making contacts     contacting others are essential….importance of establishing and setting up networks…..take a deep breath…you will not get it done in one day…can be somewhat overwhelming

decisionmaking……Can I do this? Have I done this before? What new training and knowledge will I need? …potential strengths…..attractive occupations for my Personality Type     …….discover MBTI…..Myers Briggs or a DISC assessment…great addition to your toolbox

      Where I am presently?     ……………… Where do I want to be?

Curt Canada holds a Masters in Social Work from The University of Iowa, a Masters in Teacher Education from  The American University,and Life Coach Training from The Institute for Life Coach Training.  Curt provides Executive, Career, and Leadership Coaching  in Washington DC . He is a Professional Coach with ASAE and The Leadership Center(non-profit professional membership association). Visit for more information.


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