Awestruck…Our Awesome Brain!

April 25, 2010

How many times can you recall someone saying ‘ I’ve never seen  or heard anything like that?” 

It seems as though very few things we here and experience are shocking anymore!

Anyway, there are so many stories and events happening simultaneously that we know nothing about  and the stories and events that get noticed and reported to us in the news. I find so fascinating and amazing the brain’s ability to either retrieve,store, or simply let certain thoughts drift off into space.

I happened to watch my favorite   NBA  basketball team last evening and yes they won (San Antonio Spurs) but what stood out in my mind was the effort both teams displayed.  I give credit to all the others organs in my body that played a role in such a gratifying moment. On the other hand, the last two weeks took it toll on all the not so great information my brain happened to retrieve such as the news about the Volcano in Iceland that affected our entire Planet, the mining disaster in West Virginia , the failed landing and plane crash that took the lives of the President of Poland, his wife, and countless dignitary,and the men lost at sea on an offshore oil rig.

 You get the picture! What about the countless circuits and pathways and liquid mass that transport all the smells,sensations, and new and old knowledge? Almost similar to the ebb and flow of water in the ocean, our thoughts  surface and quickly subside while others linger longer into the sunset and night.

Awestruck…..because at the end of the day you can’t help but say “Wow.”

 Visit this site to learn more exciting facts about the human brain at

“Now you know why it is so important that we get eight hours of sleep?” Send me your comments and  let me know what your brain is thinking!


Curt Canada is an Executive , Leadership Development, Career, and Life Coach in Washington , DC. Learn more about the coaching services Curt  provides . Visit   his website at …


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