Sending In Your Resume Isn’t Enough: 10 Action Steps 4 Being Successful Today!

July 21, 2011

We all know that there are gazillions of friends, strangers, and neighbors that for some known and unknown reasons are simply out of work. Many of them are diligently reworking their cover letters and resumes as we speak. To no avail most of the resumes will simply not make it past the proverbial wastebasket or trash file on some HR person’s data base.

Alarming I must say especially after a conversation I had with my friend (who’s one of the top persons in her profession) who had sent in her résumé to this company on the yes, fourth day. That’s already history if you ask me. Nevertheless, she managed to do some homework or networking which is paramount in being successful at finding your next job. They say that job hunting is a job in and of itself.

Anyway, she managed to find someone she knew within the firm to (it is a who you know world and don’t forget it) get  her mentioned in a conversation with the person that was in charge of hiring this particular candidate. Fortunately, he wrote a stellar letter of recommendation for her which got her in the door “so to speak”.

Well, put it this way, HR had already cutoff accepting resumes at the 50th person. I was told by my friend that even though they have narrowed the process for interviewing potential clients, they would pull her résumé and save it for other positions.

Let me tell you that you can send all the resumes and cover letters and re-write them until the cows come home, this will not get you a job. Do you hear me loud and clear!

Consider these action steps to increase your chances of getting in the door because you are not the only one with  an exceptional employment history, looks, and intelligence!

1 Google and use Linkedin and yes Facebook your butt off
find out something about this company and the person that’s directly associated with this particular job offer

2 Get your résumé and cover letter out there on the first day! Within the first hour!

3 Make sure it arrives at the destination

4 Six degrees of separation Who knows who that knows who etc. Focus on getting your résumé on that person’s desk!

5 Stay away from the Secretary or the Administrative Assistant…they have already been
informed to block such calls and inquiries

6 I am going to stop here because it is time I let you know that you ‘re up against resumes on top of resumes and persons with great track records… you must shine and stand out …be assertive and aggressive however don’t forget to be emotionally intelligent

7 So you didn’t get that job…don’t stop now.

8 Send a thank you note to this person via a message box at Facebook or on Linkedin. Stay away from the employer’s letter opener or virtual assistant

9 Take a deep breath in and out in and out …stop before you pass out and forget all these action steps that I think may help you land your next job!

10 Begin with step 1-9 all over again…believe in yourself…you will be successful.

* You might ask why I left out networking which I would list as the most important action step you can take. Well , This is exactly what I was referring to as a part of Action Step No.1  Find those persons that are directly associated with the place or department you’re seeking to get in the door.  You must never stop networking whether you’re seeking employment or if you’re presently gainfully employed!

I’m sure there are a thousand tips for finding your next job(career) and I may have left an important action step or tip from this article. Let me know your thoughts in my comments section. It’s competitive and you must find your uniqueness! Perhaps an investment in a career coach is your next step!

Curt Canada is an Executive, Career,and Leadership Development Coach at FindingYourZenith in Washingon DC.


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