Starting Again and Thriving Amidst Change!

July 26, 2011

If you have been following my blog you some time notice that I will post an article out of sequence and I ask that you please forgive me.

Here we go again, our last and final phase or stage that we all go through in life when we’re faced with a disturbing personal or professional challenge, loss of a job, accident, or divorce.

Some of us bounce back quickly and are more resilient than others however I am here to share with you that ” your life will return to to some type of normalcy but you must take that next step.

So let’s get started! Patience may be required as you embrace a new situation or a new identity. Take small steps as you learn the skills, habits, and behaviors associated with the new. Avoid the temptation to replicate the old. Look at opportunities with fresh eyes – a fresh spirit. Most people find that in retrospect, the change they feared and dreaded was indeed an opportunity for growth. And that is what thriving is all about.

Carl Brand sums it up nicely, “Though one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” That quote is important to digest. Your future depends on more than you surviving the latest (or the next) change in life. It depends on your thriving – even flourishing.

If you are having difficulty believing this right in this moment, then try this exercise:

Phone or e-mail at least 3 friends or relatives. Ask them to share with you a change they have experienced in their lives that literally transformed their life in a positive way. They will be glad you asked and you will grow to appreciate the changes you are experiencing even more.


Perhaps the following bullet points will help reinforce what you’ve already learned:

• Change is the normal process of life. Life is not possible without change.

• It is human nature to resist change. Most of us like what is familiar and predictable.

• As normal as change is, it is normal to resist it. You are not wrong, bad, or stubborn simply because you resist change.

• It is common to fear the unknown.

• Change can cause us to question our long held beliefs and values.

• Moving through change can be uncomfortable and feel awkward, and is the only way to move forward.

• Refusing to change does not mean that the world won’t change around you. Refusing to change means you’ll be left behind.

• As harsh as this may sound, some of us resist change because we are lazy. We simply don’t want to invest our energy and time – we don’t want to commit to a new way of being.

• And to end on a reassuring note, the ability to change, adapt and move forward often offers us new and wonderful opportunities beyond our imagination.

Remember that phone call you got at the beginning of this report? Chances are, you will have – or have recently had similar experiences.

In the past, you may have slipped into your old habits and perhaps panicked, resisted the change, or stayed in denial. But now you are now equipped with new knowledge and new skills to help you not only accept the changes you experience, but to embrace them.

When life throws you a curve ball, take time to review your newly discovered knowledge about the stages of change. You will discover that you will not only survive during challenging times, but you will thrive.

I leave with you a favorite song of mine by the late Jazz Vocalist Sarah Vaughn “What A Difference A Day Makes” in which i heard her sing during her last performance at Blues Alley in Georgetown,Washington DC.

There is in the worst of fortune the best of chances for a happy ending.


Curt Canada provides Executive,Career,Leadership Development,and Life Coaching at FindingYourZenith in Washington DC.


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