News report after news report yesterday afternoon talked of unexpected surprises, disorganization, disorientation  and personal disbelief. I happened to experience this natural phenomena while sitting in my living room awaiting a friend who had promised to move some furniture with me. A few buildings and storefronts lost a few bricks and mortar and the National Cathedral lost architectural stones.  Think about it, 5.8 is a cause for reflection.

 Where were you? What you were doing? and what were you thinking about at that moment will be etched in your mind for sometime. It’s the unknown occurrences despite our prepardness or lack thereof that brings out our real strengths and resiliency.

 I noticed just minutes after this happened as I walked outside a perfect day with very few clouds in the sky, very sunny with low humidity and a stark quiet-like peacefulness around me. I began to notice an errie feeling standing on the sidewalk below my feet.

Gosh it must have felt very strange from the wobbling back and forth effect I experienced in my apartment. What are your thoughts and experiences from yesterday’s event?

 Quite frankly, I am most thankful because it could have been worse. Could it be we needed some diversion away from taxes and increased healthcare cost and unemployment and republicans and democrats and youth gangs and back to school and family and relationship squabbles and foreclosures.

 Life Coaching Tips for you…

* So much to be thankful for….Give thanks

*We possess more than we think we have…think about it…Say Hello to more    people… give someone a hug today

*We do care about this planet…how will you begin helping Mother Earth adapt and adjust

* Life is special… Show it !

 * I am so much like that other person…you are as in being human

 * I held it together emotionally…it’s ok to show your emotions/ communicate your thoughts

 * Nothing is constant….always changing …the Earth actually moves… slow down a little and experience being still….meditation in the moment works wonders and  has  shown to be healthy!

 * It will happen again… will not be ready for it…and that’s ok

 * Seek assistance if you are feeling a little more stressed than normal

 * Get back on the bike… forge ahead…create and build ….share your experience

Surprisingly enough we made it through an event most of us have never expereinced in our lifetime.  Perhaps this article should have been titled ” Time for Reflection.”

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Did you read the newspaper this morning or listen to the news update on TV or simply picked up a summary on your IPhone! Well ,to no surprise we’re all in for a long weekend and second half of the year. Below are the headline on the cover of the Washington Post…..

Markets plummet on global economic Fears

Take a look at the questions I came up with for you to ponder and then take a look at the tips I wanted to share with you from my career and life coaching mindset.

Are you climbing under the bed? Are you freaking out? What’s happening to your 401K, that’s if you really have one or that savings account at your local bank? What do you think the pharmaceutical companies are thinking right now? I can bet you that their profits are not falling! Have your weekend plans changed?

Better yet, how will you spend your day at the office? watching the tweets….facebook friends and family. Will you find a way to arrange a half day? Will you forge ahead?

What are you planning to do? What your next strategy? What courageous conversation will you have and with whom and with yourself? What action steps will you implement? Do you have an exit strategy besides selling off your stocks?

Maybe you will continue with your set plan and head for a weekend get-away or take that vacation you planned many months ago? Will you take another job? Are movies out of the question this weekend?

Consider These Career and Life Coaching Tips!

* Keep your planned scheduled vacation…getting out of town.  Relax a little and then think strategy!

* Time for forward thinking

* Don’t stop doing your exercises and if you don’t have a personal exercise program, begin one! You’re already stressed out, huh?

* Eat healthy! your health is most important (Health cost is sky-rocketing)

* Educate yourself as to your financial standing, get your entire family and /or significant other in on developing new strategies and goals.

* Yesterday is gone, what goal(s) will I set today, it only takes one?

* Change your focus, new pair of glasses, try this!

* Start your gratitude list

* Perhaps its time to learn a new skill

* Believe in you…take a second job if you have too!

I’m sorry …I forgot ..there are still thousands of folks out there that’s unemployed. Oh well?

Curt Canada is an Executive,Career, Leadership and Personal Development Coach at FindingYourZenith in

I dont’know about you but if you have followed my recent blog  entries you probably have walked away vowing never to return and if so not any time soon.  Ok I admit that I have run into a rocky road of my own, re-thinking a new marketing plan and it’s simply hot as ….here in Washington DC and quite frankly across the country.

I have decided while riding my bike in my living room to write something more stimulating and that hits home for all of us out here that faced with challenges and goals and plans (and what our next strategy should be) that seems as if they are at a standstill.

There are a couple of songs that I can think of right now that I can envision that I find will get me to begin lightening up!

“Indiana wants me ..Lord I can’t go back there. (that’s not true )  And there’s the great Frank Sinatra..a definite  song for moving forward and setting new plans and goals and visualizing . In the song , “That’s Life ” he mentions  when things are not shaking in July..I’m gonna get on a big bird and fly , my my!

Are u following me? Perhaps this is where you are?  I’m not one of those guys who can take off in August  but I guess I can  take a little trip inside my head and then, jot it down on paper.   You can also begin writing some action steps for yourself. I can only imagine what your list would consist of for lightening up.

1 Jet Blue is advertising flights at $44 dollars one way…maybe you’re thinking of leaving this town…if you need to return just do the math  $44 more for your way back

2 There are  museums up the yin yang in this town and well all sorts of  monuments…one day at a time,  however I would make sure that they’re open.. you know that budget thing?

3 Let the dogs out… no not like that!  don’t do that but  how about volunteering your time …perhaps an hour ..if I recall the animal shelter over on New York Ave (DC) will probably allow  you to take a dog for a walk! You may have to show your ID! You know times are tough out here for many of ya.. unemployment reported up 10 % IN THIS TOWN….notice I didn’t mention the nation’s capital

4 The Atlanta Braves are in town ..I think they’re playing the Washington Nationals ..a place to get away from it all ..that stress I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Get a cold beverage…Nattie Bo or a sot drink and hot dog and some Cracker Jacks and simply get lost in the fifth inning.

5 I’ m stopping here at five leaving you at 6-10 things  to do to lighten up …leave it alone for a while …get away…do something different that’s positive and legal and safe. I do not want you to harm yourself nor someone else out here  while living a little.

* I did want to mention that I did see in the news the other day that there were some collective dancing going on in the streets.I’m for that !

There are an assortment  of clubs and eateries in this place and  do stay healthy my friend…moderation on the spirits ..can’t imagine someone over doing it.

So , Life Coaching begins with me  lightening up and living a little!

Curt Canada is an Executive ,Career,and Leadership,and  Personal Development Coach at FindingyourZenith in Washington DC. Email Curt at curtcanada@verizon  for all questions,inquiries,and comments.

Two weeks ago I found myself in a sea of job and career seekers looking to be hired for one of no more than about 150 positions in areas of administrative support and IT related jobs featured by local universities in Washington DC. I would estimate that at least 2,500+ persons attended this Job Fair!

I happened to ask a couple of young men very much unprepared for this occasion “are you looking for a job or a career?”

I noticed within seconds a blank stark-like response enveloped on their faces as if I had said something wrong.

To my amazement they both replied,” I really don’t have a response for you.” My conversation led to sharing with them the definition for each word.

It really makes a difference about what you are seeking when attending a Job Fair. These companies and institutions are going out of their way to seek potential employees. Keep in mind that they are bringing the jobs to you!

Career (as defined in Wikipedia) is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person’s “course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)”. It is usually considered to pertain to remunerative work (and sometimes also formal education).
The etymology of the term comes from the Latin word carrera, which means race (as in “rat race”.

A Job (as defined in Wikipedia) is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business. The duration of a job may range from an hour (in the case of odd jobs) to a lifetime (in the case of some judges). If a person is trained for a certain type of job, they may have a profession. The series of jobs a person holds in their life is their career.

It doesn’t matter how much time and money you invest in your résumé because if you have not defined for you what you’re attempting to carry out then you’re not going to be one of those successful candidates attending.

Quite frankly, I want you to get hired and to get noticed at you’re your next Job Fair visit.

Let me suggest a few tips for being competitive and successful in your approach to getting hired:

* Research job and career trends

* How does your skill set(s) match with the job posted

* Think long-term

* Re-educate an update your training for that specific posting if necessary

* Ask the employer about other job possibilities that may be coming up that’s not advertised at this particular Job Fair.

* Are your values congruent with the position you’re seeking?

* Stay positive and don’t ever give up

* Seek advisement from a career coach or counselor

Lastly, make sure you get your questions answered at those Job Fairs and leave on a positive note because now you have learned and you are much closer than you were before today to getting hired!

Curt Canada is Executive, Career, and Leadership Development Coach at FindingYourZenith in Washington DC. He holds a MSW in Social Work from the University of Iowa MAT in Teacher Education from the American University. Mr. Canada is a member of International Coach Federation and Christian Coaches Network.