Stocks Plummet, Weekends, Employment News Improves Slightly: Tips and Questions From a Career and Life Coach!

August 5, 2011

Did you read the newspaper this morning or listen to the news update on TV or simply picked up a summary on your IPhone! Well ,to no surprise we’re all in for a long weekend and second half of the year. Below are the headline on the cover of the Washington Post…..

Markets plummet on global economic Fears

Take a look at the questions I came up with for you to ponder and then take a look at the tips I wanted to share with you from my career and life coaching mindset.

Are you climbing under the bed? Are you freaking out? What’s happening to your 401K, that’s if you really have one or that savings account at your local bank? What do you think the pharmaceutical companies are thinking right now? I can bet you that their profits are not falling! Have your weekend plans changed?

Better yet, how will you spend your day at the office? watching the tweets….facebook friends and family. Will you find a way to arrange a half day? Will you forge ahead?

What are you planning to do? What your next strategy? What courageous conversation will you have and with whom and with yourself? What action steps will you implement? Do you have an exit strategy besides selling off your stocks?

Maybe you will continue with your set plan and head for a weekend get-away or take that vacation you planned many months ago? Will you take another job? Are movies out of the question this weekend?

Consider These Career and Life Coaching Tips!

* Keep your planned scheduled vacation…getting out of town.  Relax a little and then think strategy!

* Time for forward thinking

* Don’t stop doing your exercises and if you don’t have a personal exercise program, begin one! You’re already stressed out, huh?

* Eat healthy! your health is most important (Health cost is sky-rocketing)

* Educate yourself as to your financial standing, get your entire family and /or significant other in on developing new strategies and goals.

* Yesterday is gone, what goal(s) will I set today, it only takes one?

* Change your focus, new pair of glasses, try this!

* Start your gratitude list

* Perhaps its time to learn a new skill

* Believe in you…take a second job if you have too!

I’m sorry …I forgot ..there are still thousands of folks out there that’s unemployed. Oh well?

Curt Canada is an Executive,Career, Leadership and Personal Development Coach at FindingYourZenith in


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