Life Coaching Tips : Day After East Coast (DC) EarthQuake!

August 24, 2011

 News report after news report yesterday afternoon talked of unexpected surprises, disorganization, disorientation  and personal disbelief. I happened to experience this natural phenomena while sitting in my living room awaiting a friend who had promised to move some furniture with me. A few buildings and storefronts lost a few bricks and mortar and the National Cathedral lost architectural stones.  Think about it, 5.8 is a cause for reflection.

 Where were you? What you were doing? and what were you thinking about at that moment will be etched in your mind for sometime. It’s the unknown occurrences despite our prepardness or lack thereof that brings out our real strengths and resiliency.

 I noticed just minutes after this happened as I walked outside a perfect day with very few clouds in the sky, very sunny with low humidity and a stark quiet-like peacefulness around me. I began to notice an errie feeling standing on the sidewalk below my feet.

Gosh it must have felt very strange from the wobbling back and forth effect I experienced in my apartment. What are your thoughts and experiences from yesterday’s event?

 Quite frankly, I am most thankful because it could have been worse. Could it be we needed some diversion away from taxes and increased healthcare cost and unemployment and republicans and democrats and youth gangs and back to school and family and relationship squabbles and foreclosures.

 Life Coaching Tips for you…

* So much to be thankful for….Give thanks

*We possess more than we think we have…think about it…Say Hello to more    people… give someone a hug today

*We do care about this planet…how will you begin helping Mother Earth adapt and adjust

* Life is special… Show it !

 * I am so much like that other person…you are as in being human

 * I held it together emotionally…it’s ok to show your emotions/ communicate your thoughts

 * Nothing is constant….always changing …the Earth actually moves… slow down a little and experience being still….meditation in the moment works wonders and  has  shown to be healthy!

 * It will happen again… will not be ready for it…and that’s ok

 * Seek assistance if you are feeling a little more stressed than normal

 * Get back on the bike… forge ahead…create and build ….share your experience

Surprisingly enough we made it through an event most of us have never expereinced in our lifetime.  Perhaps this article should have been titled ” Time for Reflection.”

                                             Curt Canada MSW provides life and career coaching in Washington DC at FindingYourZenith .


One Response to “Life Coaching Tips : Day After East Coast (DC) EarthQuake!”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Cali Resident here. No need to say further.

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