Have you recently suffered from a nagging back related pain or spasm? Have you gone to the neighborhood pharmacy or chemist seeking relief using products on the shelf or those recommended by friends? 

This past week I went through Hell both day and night and nothing seemed to work!

 Most of us can answer these questions or at least know someone who has suffered from such agony. The following day after using most of these products and cure alls my pain had worsened and shifted to another area of my body. It appears  now time to return to work  or to succumb to extreme medical relief.

It can be very costly and temporary. So what will you do the next time. I have an answer or suggestion YOU might want to consider. How about a physical therapist/personal trainer.

Here’s what I learned today from my new physical therapist who gives house calls: ( my interpretation)

1 our bodies and all of its networks and neural pathways and skeletal  parts are wrapped miraculously around cellular fluid and an intricate muscular masterpiece.

2 if you were to look closely and survey the anatomy you will notice a well designed symmetric anatomical system well-balanced to get through most of the stuff we put it through.

3 if for some reason we do not take care of this body whether getting enough rest, “proper” exercise, food and liquids( not alcohol) preferably water and stretch the hell out of yourselves daily morning and evening, your body will signal  pain and more pain leading to an obvious shut down of its parts or a compensation (one part working for the weak part) bringing about an imbalance.

4 if you notice  extreme pain when pressing on the surface of your anatomy ie  back, legs,Achilles, shoulders, calfs, hamstrings, you’re re not receiving the right amount of elasticity and manipulation and liquid to bring about ultimum flexibility. Thus, the muscles become rigid, stress moves in, and the slightest overworking of a certain area can result in all sorts of things..but what I noticed in my body over the past week was an extreme pain in my lower back on both sides of the spinal cord and pain running down my legs.

5 I have some work to do and Thank God a friend recommended a physical therapist /personal trainer that I can report is worth his fee. I became educated about the trauma I am experiencing. He shared how the muscles work and how the body works for us.

6  Most importantly, the areas that brought on this wake-up call(even though I attend a gym five days a week)  had been neglected. I mentioned that I play tennis and do ergonomic exercises  and ride a bike as in spinning.  Cardiovascular, I am doing exceptionally well. However  my overall physical makeup and development is in need of attention!

* I received a house call and surprisingly a lot of stretching(painful; I actually cried; deep tissue manipulation with the use of my ptherapist’s elbow.  He pinpointed my areas of future exercises and how to use the tennis ball placing force on those painful areas on my bum or butt that were the result of the tightening of muscles that were so intricately connected to the muscles in my lower back. These knots and muscular rigidity resulted in my back injury. 

No butts about it… If I so listen and set goals to get my body in best performance, my lower back problems may never occur again.

What’s your takeaway?   Personally, I can not stress how important stretching is prior to any strenous activity.

* This physical therapist/house calls/recommended highly/ in the Arlington Va and Washington DC metro area. Email me at curtcanada@comcast.net and I will send his information!

Curt Canada works with clients seeking personal and leadership development coaching and consulting in Washington DC.


How to Find Yourself Through Transitions and New Beginnings


I have found that the biggest hurdle to living a life in joy is attachment.  Attachment to people, to jobs, to things, to situations, and to ways of life, we have become dependent on.  When we are so attached to anything that is outside of ourselves, we leave the door open for chaos, fear, sadness, overwhelm, and depression to follow.  Is that how you want to live your life?


True joy comes from within. 


It comes from a love of self that is so deep, that anything life brings becomes irrelevant to our ability to experience the true blissful nature of ourselves.  Sometimes it is difficult to find our joy, or remember the joy that we had when things seemed to be going “right.”


You may have just lost your job, had a partner walk out of your life, or lost a family member to death.  Perhaps you just received news of a business deal not going the way you expected, or suffered a setback at the hands of another or maybe even yourself. 


All of these things, if you make the choice to see through the veil of despair and misfortune, are a chance for you to let go of what you think you need to be happy.  They are an opportunity to simply choose to be happy because you are alive. 


With a determined change in perspective, you can learn to see anything that happens outside of yourself as simply that. Something outside of you.


You are not your job.  You are not your lover.  You are not your relationships with friends or family.  You are not your business.  You are not your successes.  You are not your mistakes.


You are you.  You are all the things that you love to do.  You are all of the love and joy that you bring to the world.  You are an infinite well of creativity, passion, resilience, and abilities that are ready to be tapped into any ANY moment of your life.


“When we find Self we no longer have need or attachment for any other thing…we’re not on a need level where we die emotionally if we don’t have it.  When we die emotionally, we shut of the energy flow.” – John-Roger DSS


When we experience loss, in our careers or relationships, it is an opportunity for us to look within and realize that, despite anything that has “happened to us,” we are still here.  Still alive. Still breathing.  Still wanting things that we want.


The world has not ended.  It has just changed, and if we are to go on and experience the joy that we want so badly to experience, we must change too.


Go on dreaming of that perfect way to make money to support your family.  Go on being your loving self and attracting a loving person to share your life with.  Go on living life to the fullest with the family members that surround you. Go on looking for the beautiful things in life that will bring a smile to your face.


But remember, it all starts with YOU. 


You are the only one that can foster a love for yourself that it so immense, it can withstand any obstacle and bear and weight.  YOU are the one that can simply make the choice to disregard EVERYTHING going around you and look at what is still love INSIDE of you. 


Even when everything looks bleak, and there seems to be no end in sight, you can CHOOSE to reach for a happier thought NOW.  Reach for anything that will, at this present moment, bring you closer to the joy that you want. 


Allow yourself to acknowledge anything negative that comes into your mind and recognize it as what it is, an emotion that is trying to protect you from harm. Acknowledge it and then simply let it go. Gracious and Loving.


Then choose another thought.  One that makes you feel like laughing, dancing, doing something you’ve never done before.  Even if only for a moment.  Moments become minutes. Minutes become hours. Hours become days.  Soon, you will find that you have become the director of your own life, conducting your days in perfect harmony with the abundance that you so deserve.


As a trained life coach, I am here to help you through the most difficult transitions in your life. I have the tools and resources to help you to find what it is that truly makes you happy, and to make these things the focus of YOUR life.  I have experienced loss and challenges that given me the chance to have honest conversations with myself about what I want, and what I want my experiences around me to look like.  I want to share what I have learned with you.  Contact me for a consultation, so that we can get you started on your road to a new beginning.  A new, joyous life.


Curt Canada is a Coach and Consultant in the areas of leadership and personal development in Washington DC and is a member of The Christian Coaches Network and International Coach Federation. He holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Education from The University of Iowa and  Leadership and Life Coaching from the Institute for Life Coach Training.