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 Okay, so you’ve just spent four or more years earning your college degree and are now up to your eyeballs in student loan debts. Now is not the time to be having second thoughts about your college degree, right?
Why not?


Who ever said that once you’ve earned your college degree, that’s it, that you must now pursue a career in that field and you’re not permitted to even think about anything else as a career?


People change. In fact, people who don’t change are the ones that tend to have the most trouble in life. Life is a process, a fluid and ever-altering framework in which we either succeed or fail based on our ability to adapt and adjust to those changes. Just because you have your college degree doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to that type of career.


A college degree is malleable


You might have earned a degree in psychology or chemical engineering or even literature. You may see these are quite rigid. You’re either bound to be a counselor, teacher, or engineer. But those careers no longer interest you; they no longer inspire you the way they did when you first began down this path to your degree.


It’s akin to an person who loves the universe and aspires to study astronomy. They spend countless hours invested in learning physics and calculus and astronomy. Then, once they have their degree in hand, they realize that their passion is not there for a career. They don’t really want to spend countless hours looking at data, which makes up 98% of the field work. Are they now stuck?


Of course not. Neither are you, if you are having second thoughts about your degree. Earning a college degree is an important and invaluable step in your life. Yet each degree holds merit and launching pad to pursue a different career path. While your psychology degree isn’t going to help you earn an engineering job, it does afford you some options.


But first, you need to ask yourself about those second thoughts.


Are your second thoughts about your degree passion or fear?


There’s a great difference between having lost the passion for something and being afraid of it. Once you have your degree in hand, you could begin to doubt yourself, have second thoughts, and wonder whether you’re doing the right thing for your life. Do these second thoughts exist because you are afraid of the unknown? Because you are now going to be put to the real world test with what you’ve learned?


Or have you genuinely lost the interest in what your degree offers? If you feel that you have, why? Did you work in the field while you attended college? Are you now in a unrewarding job related to your degree? If so, what about trying for a different job in the field? Don’t measure your career based on one job. And don’t measure your passion, or lack thereof, on a few minor experiences.


If you honestly believe that your college degree is not the right one, that’s fine. Just rediscover your passion and get back out there and work toward your desires. Then again,

Why not seek the services of a Career Coach?



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So what do you think? Are you sitting on the seat of your paints, got your pant down at half mass or you’re actually beginning to tighten your belts! Whatever you choose to do just take a deep breath and start to acquire all the knowledge on becoming your own “change agent.”  Just for starters, there’s absolutely nothing negative about this unless you have problems with change. See, you can’t get around it or away from it. Change is happening at an enormous rate. You probably have experienced it and definitely you have noticed it in the last two weeks, if not,t hree months!  I had planned on deleting this blog just hours ago but I thought about the fact that we’re in dire situations, especially on the economic front here and abroad.  What are your new year goals, plans, or resolutions if I may ask? Don’t look for health care cost do go down anytime soon. Better yet, find all the ways you can to keep yourself and your family and your friends healthy!  Here ‘s a  few tips: Try yoga even if it’s your first time, meditate ,yes, get away from the immediate dire thinking for a moment, start group walking tours , start bartering when possible, and rip all the coupons you can from those newspapers and on-line coupon sites. I have become addicted to the news media, especially CNN.  The best thing you can do this year starting today is to refrain from watching any of those folks. Twitter if you have too. It just might be healthier. I’m sure you have a few recommendations for our dire world so drop me a comment if you like…  Remember the new mantra today and repeat after me ” we are evolving“.  See, that’s a little more positive and natural!  Whata yuuothink?