Why Your 30 Second Pitch Is So Important?.




 Have you mastered how to give or present a 30 second pitch that will get you noticed ? What you do and what you have to offer or sell is an important  networking skill!. I can tell you firsthand that it takes an extreme amount of invested practice to get it right. However if you want to know the truth this article is about pitching as in Baseball. I’m talking about the duel between  CC Sabathia and  Justin Verlander  possible MVP Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. It’s all about Baseball for the next three weeks so don’t even talk to meet about “Roll Tide” or the “Thundering Herd” for that matters whom would never fit into the same sentence or conversation.

 Verlander is absolutely hot … (12-1 after the All Star break) well you know what I mean…a definite over 20 something game winner. It wouldn’t be fair for me to reveal which of these teams I truly follow because it would skew and dampen your interest in the game that’s about to begin later this evening around 8pm EST. You got to be jumpin out of your seat because economically and socially the Tigers and the folks in Detroit can revel in excitement even though each team will have to make it through the ALCS playoffs to get to the World Series. I really hope you’re into sports because if not I have probably lost you from the start!

I got to get out of here so I can get ready to watch some Baseball with my friends somewhere in downtown Washington DC but before I go let me share what I really do…

 I coach and consult women and men seeking to increase performance and succeed in matters important in their personal and professional lives using industry assessments, feedback, and client-focused collaborative dialogue.

 What am I pitching here? Enjoy the Baseball Playoffs!

Curt Canada works as a coaching consultant in Washington DC helping clients manage their time, be more successful, increase their level of performance,  adapt to sudden challenges they face in the workplace and at home.