1 Finding its True Meaning…not a time for evaluation nor criticism. I must share with you that it is not humanly possible not to think about all those memorable times with loved ones whom you have shared past holiday seasons. There are regrets perhaps and for some a happy time and for some of you ,sadness. Think of, if you can a happy, surprised, good surprised moment you recall or something totally silly or funny about this holiday if you just have to return to the past. A meditative moment has been noted to reduce stress. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and those most celebrated gift -giving days are not so far in the distant!  So go ahead and deck the halls for goodness sake! Actually not just yet, there’s Thanksgiving!

Perhaps there’s a special bulb you have made for the Christmas tree….a song that you like though you can’t really carry a tune…if you can handle a comedy live show ..definitely attend….we all could use a laugh or two… invest time in helping others or visiting someone less fortunate than you. I will leave it up to you to find your meaning for such a holiday celebrated by many throughout the world in their own way.

 2 Logistics: Travel, Budgetary, and Social Arrangements:  plan Ask yourself if it’s going to be stretch or strain on your budget about the  purchase of gifts? So you’re in that unemployment boat that millions find themselves this holiday season, so what? Don’t give up, keep looking for that job! However don’t accept any factitious and or real credit cards! It’s not your money. Do shop for bargains …they’re out there? Plan months ahead for that holiday plane or train or bus ticket? Travel safe? Check your tires and an overall check-up of your car?  Get ample rest before and after your trip or holiday vacation.

 Get physically and emotionally ready: Am I ready for this. Holidays are not immune of past events and moments in one’s life that are not always happy times. Keep in mind that you will most likely cross family and friends and past admirers during this time. Try  keeping those times separate. Not a time to evaluate though you are approaching the end of another year. Give praise and gratitude ..there’s much to be simply thankful for. Find a gym or a yoga class ..exercise is so important for relieving stress. Eat lots of veggies and fruit. Get and give lots of hugs but stay away from the common cold and all other communicable viruses if possible.

4 It will come and go…. Visualize what would blow your top off? Don’t go there then. You do have the ability to dummy down some of those in the past memorable stressful experiences.

 5 Most importantly: Find time for self….take a break from all the hustle and demands placed upon oneself during this particular time of year  (find a good book to read)  take an impromptu walk/ stay away from the tv/ stay away from big crowds/drink lots of water and juice….minimize your alcohol content(take it from me…alcohol does not alleviate stress!)….give thanks often no matter what your faith or religion happens to be….take a nap in the middle of the day… stay away from last years holiday experience… perhaps I didn’t cover anything that would truly help you alleviate what’s placing so much stress in your life but at least for the moment you were forced to tread somewhere beyond yourself to a world of possibilities when it comes of thinking and getting ready for one if not the biggest holiday seasons of the year! Show a little gratitude starting with Thanksgiving. This will lower your stress tremendously as you plan your celebrations next month.

 Lastly, don’t drink and drive….find a designated driver or hide the keys.  Remember, it’s not always about you or me or where and how quickly we need to get there.

 Oh, by the way…an early Happy New Year  to you all !

 Curt Canada- Board Certified Coach at Adapting2change in Washington DC coaches clients in areas of  personal, workplace, and leadership development f2f and via  Skype and web-conferencing.



Maybe you have not lost your job yet but this just might be the main topic discussed this Friday morning at your breakfast table.  Economic reports as of this week show  a 10% + unemployment rate which has been noted( http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf )   may carry over into next year.

My  family owned small business  went under almost two years come this December! Thank God! I chose to inject life into my professional life and leadership coaching practice.  Its a struggle and challenge but it’s now  beginning to grow.

 I am only sharing this with you because I really haven’t been to the unemployment office lately but that I  do know that it is devastating not knowing where your next paycheck will come from. 

“According to an article written in the Wall Street Journal back in late September the writer stated that ” a growing number of long-out of work adults facing these odds appear to be giving up.”  There are folks out there that have been out of work over 27  weeks or more!”

 I pulled up the Wall Street Journal”s  on-line site today and I noticed notable , reputable ,well-known companies forecasting up-coming layoffs, down-sizing , and possible relocation of workers.

 Let’s report however that the federal government and our Congress have agreed to extend the ” first time homebuyers tax credit” of $8000 until April of 2010. This is good news for all of us!

 You may never have to answer the question ” What if I lost my job today?”

Try mulling over the list of questions I think are quite important for all of us this Friday:

  1. What outplacement resources does your company provide in the event that I’m laid off?
  2.  Am I prepared financially to weather the storm for the next 2-3 months?
  3. Have I talked about this important topic with my family or significant  other? 
  4. How have I helped friends or co-workers who have lost their job?
  5. What words of encouragement comes to mind?
  6.  If necessary,what challenges in your life have you endured that are helpful in your being able to bounce back and start from scratch ?
  7. What tough questions will you ask yourself or have you asked yourself?
  8.  Perhaps companies are rebuilding for the future and the new scenario they have in mind no longer includes you ? 
  9. How will you read into the concept of a “Green America” vs. a Graying of America ?”
  10. How would you rate your health and stamina ?

Perhaps its time to start your own personal and professional endurance training !

 Our economic picture will show some ups and downs and sometimes more downs than ups …… No one said life is fair but we do know that it’s cyclical.

As a Coach, I would only ask this question , ” What ‘s your Plan B , your future, and your family if such an event occur?”

                       “If this happens to  you  get back out there “

           Statistically…. so many ,quite frankly , have given up!

Curt Canada provides Personal Development, Leadership, and Executive Coaching in Washington DC at FindingYourZenith. Curt is also a Member of the International Coach Federation and the Christian Coaches Network.

Are You Being Tested?

February 27, 2009

Surprisingly enough, if you really want something to happen then it will. It’s absolutely reversible from what you don’t want. I have an exam  that’s coming up in about three weeks in which after four attempts I actually believe without a doubt that I will pass this test. I know exactly what you’re thinking, “He studied this time.” Yes I did and you know what, it may make the difference this time. Finally, I have figured it all out. Success is spelled s-u-c-c-e-s-s not  f-a-i-l-u-r-e.  Why did it take so long ?  Can you see me throwing all the study guides and notes into the garbage  once and for all.  I  may have solved a lingering question as to why I haven’t heard a word from my audience. I ‘m going to make another affirmation. President Obama will  gain the support from both Republicans and Democrats this year!  Don’t  even go there. I said nothing about 2010!  Let’s try something new, something different.  Leave a comment  or an observation about this post.  If  I’m impressed or moved you will receive One -90 minute coaching session and a personality assessment (free)!  This is the season for giving!  Leave comments here and forward a duplicate comment with your email address to findingyourzenith@gmail .com    (Offer expires March 1, 2009)

Curt Canada MSW – Personal Growth Coach at Finding Your Zenith in Washington DC. Curt holds a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Teaching from The University of Iowa and the American University.