If I’m not mistaken I think that Venus Williams is doing well these days on the tennis circuit so this title must have something to do with  astrology and astronomy. Our economy is at a standstill and our markets are moving in a backwards motion. I don’t know about you but the last four months has taken its toll on me. If it weren’t for the bailout tv show ’24” then most of us would have very little to look forward too. What exactly did you do all winter long? I hope you still have a job and a roof over your head. You betcha I’m so glad that spring is just around the corner. Daylight savings time can’t arrive to soon! Longer days adds up to more vitamin D, light sunshine,  choices, energy, and definitely more oxygen. Now that’s what we all need. I’ll watch March madness, yeah ,the college basketball tournament and yes “24”. Congress, Politics, CNN,  and the nation will just have to fend for themselves.  I plan to take a mental and emotional vacation. The President has asked us to get involved in volunteering.  Our country and our communities need us all badly to give back and participate in helping improve our environment. So get on board, ride the wave, catch the spirit. Spring is on it’s way! There’s nothing like the outdoors!