Have you recently suffered from a nagging back related pain or spasm? Have you gone to the neighborhood pharmacy or chemist seeking relief using products on the shelf or those recommended by friends? 

This past week I went through Hell both day and night and nothing seemed to work!

 Most of us can answer these questions or at least know someone who has suffered from such agony. The following day after using most of these products and cure alls my pain had worsened and shifted to another area of my body. It appears  now time to return to work  or to succumb to extreme medical relief.

It can be very costly and temporary. So what will you do the next time. I have an answer or suggestion YOU might want to consider. How about a physical therapist/personal trainer.

Here’s what I learned today from my new physical therapist who gives house calls: ( my interpretation)

1 our bodies and all of its networks and neural pathways and skeletal  parts are wrapped miraculously around cellular fluid and an intricate muscular masterpiece.

2 if you were to look closely and survey the anatomy you will notice a well designed symmetric anatomical system well-balanced to get through most of the stuff we put it through.

3 if for some reason we do not take care of this body whether getting enough rest, “proper” exercise, food and liquids( not alcohol) preferably water and stretch the hell out of yourselves daily morning and evening, your body will signal  pain and more pain leading to an obvious shut down of its parts or a compensation (one part working for the weak part) bringing about an imbalance.

4 if you notice  extreme pain when pressing on the surface of your anatomy ie  back, legs,Achilles, shoulders, calfs, hamstrings, you’re re not receiving the right amount of elasticity and manipulation and liquid to bring about ultimum flexibility. Thus, the muscles become rigid, stress moves in, and the slightest overworking of a certain area can result in all sorts of things..but what I noticed in my body over the past week was an extreme pain in my lower back on both sides of the spinal cord and pain running down my legs.

5 I have some work to do and Thank God a friend recommended a physical therapist /personal trainer that I can report is worth his fee. I became educated about the trauma I am experiencing. He shared how the muscles work and how the body works for us.

6  Most importantly, the areas that brought on this wake-up call(even though I attend a gym five days a week)  had been neglected. I mentioned that I play tennis and do ergonomic exercises  and ride a bike as in spinning.  Cardiovascular, I am doing exceptionally well. However  my overall physical makeup and development is in need of attention!

* I received a house call and surprisingly a lot of stretching(painful; I actually cried; deep tissue manipulation with the use of my ptherapist’s elbow.  He pinpointed my areas of future exercises and how to use the tennis ball placing force on those painful areas on my bum or butt that were the result of the tightening of muscles that were so intricately connected to the muscles in my lower back. These knots and muscular rigidity resulted in my back injury. 

No butts about it… If I so listen and set goals to get my body in best performance, my lower back problems may never occur again.

What’s your takeaway?   Personally, I can not stress how important stretching is prior to any strenous activity.

* This physical therapist/house calls/recommended highly/ in the Arlington Va and Washington DC metro area. Email me at curtcanada@comcast.net and I will send his information!

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Why Your 30 Second Pitch Is So Important?.

 Okay, so you’ve just spent four or more years earning your college degree and are now up to your eyeballs in student loan debts. Now is not the time to be having second thoughts about your college degree, right?
Why not?


Who ever said that once you’ve earned your college degree, that’s it, that you must now pursue a career in that field and you’re not permitted to even think about anything else as a career?


People change. In fact, people who don’t change are the ones that tend to have the most trouble in life. Life is a process, a fluid and ever-altering framework in which we either succeed or fail based on our ability to adapt and adjust to those changes. Just because you have your college degree doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to that type of career.


A college degree is malleable


You might have earned a degree in psychology or chemical engineering or even literature. You may see these are quite rigid. You’re either bound to be a counselor, teacher, or engineer. But those careers no longer interest you; they no longer inspire you the way they did when you first began down this path to your degree.


It’s akin to an person who loves the universe and aspires to study astronomy. They spend countless hours invested in learning physics and calculus and astronomy. Then, once they have their degree in hand, they realize that their passion is not there for a career. They don’t really want to spend countless hours looking at data, which makes up 98% of the field work. Are they now stuck?


Of course not. Neither are you, if you are having second thoughts about your degree. Earning a college degree is an important and invaluable step in your life. Yet each degree holds merit and launching pad to pursue a different career path. While your psychology degree isn’t going to help you earn an engineering job, it does afford you some options.


But first, you need to ask yourself about those second thoughts.


Are your second thoughts about your degree passion or fear?


There’s a great difference between having lost the passion for something and being afraid of it. Once you have your degree in hand, you could begin to doubt yourself, have second thoughts, and wonder whether you’re doing the right thing for your life. Do these second thoughts exist because you are afraid of the unknown? Because you are now going to be put to the real world test with what you’ve learned?


Or have you genuinely lost the interest in what your degree offers? If you feel that you have, why? Did you work in the field while you attended college? Are you now in a unrewarding job related to your degree? If so, what about trying for a different job in the field? Don’t measure your career based on one job. And don’t measure your passion, or lack thereof, on a few minor experiences.


If you honestly believe that your college degree is not the right one, that’s fine. Just rediscover your passion and get back out there and work toward your desires. Then again,

Why not seek the services of a Career Coach?



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Are you unhappy with your career or with your life? Do you have trouble waking up every morning and getting ready for work? It doesn’t matter whether you’re twenty or eighty, being satisfied, fulfilled, and happy with your life is important. The older we get, though, the less importance we tend to place on being happy or fulfilled. Instead, we see family as our priority, taking care of the kids and the bills as being the most important thing in the world.

We also get caught up in the materialistic society in which we live and believe that the only way to be truly happy is to be able to own the things that we want, take vacations to exotic destinations, or to be able to buy our children every little whimsical item that they see in the stores. We are driven by consumerism and have been sold on the notion that being able to afford things is the gateway, or the key, to true happiness.

Happiness lies within

Let me let you in on a little secret. Okay, so it’s not a secret, but it might as well be considering so many people just don’t realize it or accept it. Happiness doesn’t come from the things that we can buy with our money. Happiness comes from doing what you love to do in life, being the person that you were destined to be.

Destiny. It’s a word that can create hope and inspiration as well as despair and desire. Destiny is something that shouldn’t be feared, but should rather be embraced. It’s not a rock-solid presence as many believe. It’s a movable entity that can be shaped. It is something that guides our lives and tries to nudge us in the right direction so that we can be happy. Then we see the television commercial for the latest technological creation and we believe that we’ll be happy again if we just buy it.

Your destiny leads to your happiness. Re-evaluating your life for the future is not only a good idea for anyone, it’s a responsible idea. When you re-evaluate your life, you are able to dig down deep to the core of who you are and decide whether you are pursuing what you want out of your life, as far as your career is concerned, at least.

What might have inspired you ten or twenty years ago may have slipped away from you over the years. You may have a new passion for something in your life but you can’t seem to reach it because your career or other obligations get in the way. When you  re-evaluate your life, from career to relationships, you often discover things that need work, things that are missing, or things that you have or do that add nothing to your overall happiness with life.

Times change and people change. With such a simple and universal truth that all of us already know and accept, why is it that so many of us assume that we can’t change our lives for the future? Being satisfied, fulfilled, and happy should be the goal. When you re-evaluate your life, you discover those goals.

Curt Canada coaches and advises clients in areas of career,executive,leadership,and personal development in Washington DC at FindingYourZenith. Curt is a member of the International Coach Federation and the Christians Coach Network. Mr. Canada can be reached at curtcanada@verizon.net

They say that pictures are more than a thousand words….take a look at this picture that was sent to my wife, Basia from my father-in-law in Poland who documents a day in the life of my mother-in-law ( Stasia)who invest her time in birthing little puppies!   I can only report that this was a “Wow” moment for me!   How about you?

     “ This is one example or definition of  the meaning of  ” Finding Your Zenith.”


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Neighbors or Hoods…?

March 13, 2009

I am a little taken a back by the seemingly lack of concern for the persons who live around us especially the hi .. how are you folks… You read about it in the newspaper or hear about them across the media outlets when something bizarre goes on practically right in your backyard. Take for a moment to think about all the different things that are going on. Then again, don’t think about it ! But who am I to separate the word neighborhood, where people talk with each other, where there’s a lending hand, where  environmental decline and neglect are noticed,  and where you can still borrow a cup of sugar. Addresses seemingly depict where one retreats to at the end of the day. The internet has become the new neighborhood. Don’t think for a moment that I am bashing technology.  Just think of all the different social groups and interested communities I can reach just by sharing what’s in my head. I never thought of it that way,  but so we are the ones who have created this division in the first place where we now question ourselves about the lack of  human contact  and conversation. Let’s go for a walk around the block . Notice the new structures, that new bigger that life house on the corner, and the not so fortunate family on the next block.  What about that  new school where learning is at the top of the list. No one told them about the trash that’s thrown on the ground  around the building. Maybe they are waiting on “Earth Day”.  Perhaps it would be absurd to question the responsible school administrators, teachers, and children who have no real stake in a neighborhood in which they do not even reside? I had better leave this issue for another day! Now, come to think of it I simply don’t care for either the word neighbor or hood.  I do relish the word neighborhood with its global defintion of ” universal and a collective human purpose “. Lewis Mumford,” sounds British,  states that neighbourhood  suggests “where human beings congregate in permanent dwellings.”  I found this definition on wikipedia and it sort of answers my question about how this powerful  positive word became so broken apart. I hear from real neighbors how things have changed.  It  looks as though this weekend’s weather will be more spring-like. Could this be the beginning of a neighborhood newsletter?  Neighborhood– a place where residents share their skills, knowledge, support, and kindness! Where do you live?

Curt Canada is a Personal Growth Coach and Consultant at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.