If I’m not mistaken I think that Venus Williams is doing well these days on the tennis circuit so this title must have something to do with  astrology and astronomy. Our economy is at a standstill and our markets are moving in a backwards motion. I don’t know about you but the last four months has taken its toll on me. If it weren’t for the bailout tv show ’24” then most of us would have very little to look forward too. What exactly did you do all winter long? I hope you still have a job and a roof over your head. You betcha I’m so glad that spring is just around the corner. Daylight savings time can’t arrive to soon! Longer days adds up to more vitamin D, light sunshine,  choices, energy, and definitely more oxygen. Now that’s what we all need. I’ll watch March madness, yeah ,the college basketball tournament and yes “24”. Congress, Politics, CNN,  and the nation will just have to fend for themselves.  I plan to take a mental and emotional vacation. The President has asked us to get involved in volunteering.  Our country and our communities need us all badly to give back and participate in helping improve our environment. So get on board, ride the wave, catch the spirit. Spring is on it’s way! There’s nothing like the outdoors!


  I attended The National  Black Leadership Commission Conference on  HIV-AIDS  in Washington DC on  February 11, 2009 at Galludet University and time stood still! I simply forgot about this social pandemic that’s ravaging the nation’s capital. Our communities are  facing this problem across the country.The District of Columbia ranks at the top of the list nationally and 22nd in the world. Surprisingly enough, it ‘s continuing to increase!I will not inundate you with any other obvious social ills thats affecting America. I ask that you “share the news that should be news today.”  We  can all begin to eradicate this disease by getting tested. That’s “Reaching Our Highest Point.” Google “The Black Leadership Commision on AIDS” for further information!

Curt Canada MSW   attended graduate studies at The American University and The University of Iowa in Social Work and Teacher Education. He provides personal growth coaching and consulting at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.

If you recall I did right about the church I fondly enjoy attending over there on Rhode Island Avenue NE  in Washington DC. I wonder if the Pastor has wind or knowledge of my invitation to the President of the United States of America. I noticed that President Obama made a surprised visit to one of the many charter schools yesterday, a sort of getaway from the White House moment! This happened yesterday here in Washington. Nevertheless, i do hope that Abundant Life- Church of God and Christ at 2373 Rhode Island Ave. N.E. will be placed at the top of his list for the ” no news Sundays or when he wishes he were somewhere else .” Actually, it would be a pleasure to welcome the President and his family to our church and to see all the development and economic possibilities that exist for any extra dollars that doesn’t quite fit into the existing budget.  Let’s move on because the title of this blog is February 4 2009. I’m so glad that we’re just months away from spring minus a DC snowfall of about 2-3 inches. Hopefully today we will here great news coming from Capitol Hill regarding the stimulus package and the Budget. In addition, on the local front, I hope we will here that the crime rate has dropped, that  our children are attending school and doing all they can to stay out of trouble.  Yes, because this is the season of change , to think differently, to volunteer, to give, to share ,  to be polite or at least find out its meaning. It is a time to produce which is to be productive both in our communities across this land and in the workplace.  I see test scores rising because parents and students along with teachers are not subjected to test taking and have chosen to work together no matter how difficult the situation. Make sure that no one forget that things have changed here in America and that there are no longer any excuses. That in fact learning increases through one’s passion and desire to acquire new knowledge. Without this new knowledge through practice and inquiry that we succeed as a nation  and as a global community. February 4 2009 like each and every other day, a day as a former counselor would say, ” A Day in which to Achieve”.

Curt Canada is a graduate of the University of Iowa and the American University provides Personal Growth Coaching and Consulting at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.   www. findingyourzenith.com

So what do you think? Are you sitting on the seat of your paints, got your pant down at half mass or you’re actually beginning to tighten your belts! Whatever you choose to do just take a deep breath and start to acquire all the knowledge on becoming your own “change agent.”  Just for starters, there’s absolutely nothing negative about this unless you have problems with change. See, you can’t get around it or away from it. Change is happening at an enormous rate. You probably have experienced it and definitely you have noticed it in the last two weeks, if not,t hree months!  I had planned on deleting this blog just hours ago but I thought about the fact that we’re in dire situations, especially on the economic front here and abroad.  What are your new year goals, plans, or resolutions if I may ask? Don’t look for health care cost do go down anytime soon. Better yet, find all the ways you can to keep yourself and your family and your friends healthy!  Here ‘s a  few tips: Try yoga even if it’s your first time, meditate ,yes, get away from the immediate dire thinking for a moment, start group walking tours , start bartering when possible, and rip all the coupons you can from those newspapers and on-line coupon sites. I have become addicted to the news media, especially CNN.  The best thing you can do this year starting today is to refrain from watching any of those folks. Twitter if you have too. It just might be healthier. I’m sure you have a few recommendations for our dire world so drop me a comment if you like…  Remember the new mantra today and repeat after me ” we are evolving“.  See, that’s a little more positive and natural!  Whata yuuothink?