I have this positive energy that’s difficult to explain and it has to do with the fact that America  has changed the course of history.  I felt it would happen in my lifetime but I didn’t know  that I would feel this way.  I am quite happy, somewhat overwhelmed about this new environment that’s ripe for discussion, dialogue, creativity, and community both here in the United States and abroad.  What a great teaching moment for the masses! America has a chance once again to architect a more healthier nation  built not on fear but on strength.  We are challenged to achieve and succeed against a struggling economy, cultural divisions, and a negative global persona.  The message is that we as Americans can do something about our family ,community, environmental ,and global outlook.  Perhaps the word is euphoric, nevertheless it’s America’s season to shine again. It will not happen just overnight and it will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice but we can and we will make this a better place. America’s greatest asset is its values, spirit, and diversity of cultures.  I challenge you to get involved in bringing about exponential change through service in our communities.