You wouldn’t believe me even if you knew me that I would even attempt such a title to attract you off the beaten path. You don’t even have to purchase anything here nor sell anything here ; the doors are open for you to visit. If you drove by here you would probably only blink and wonder as to whether it’s a little shop or store. This place is not a fancy trendy green environmentally conscious busy consumer traffic kinda addresses. Maybe it’s not your favorite corridor into the nation’s capital but it’s one of the corridors in terms of needed development and economic growth. Why would I write about a place in an area of town where there’s very little pedestrian traffic. Anyway, Oh about a year ago I thought I would take a walk to sort of get to know my surroundings. I ended up on the avenue, the place where one time perhaps the shops were bustling with business. I was told by a passerby that, yes, there are businesses here along with many storefront worship churches. It seemed as though if you were to count them that almost every other building was one of these little storefront churches.  I guess real estate is real estate. Anyway, one Sunday morning not long ago I thought I would visit one of those churches. First, I must admit to you that  I could only imagine that I would equally visit each place for about fifteen minutes, just to evaluate the atmosphere. However, this method did not seem the right thing to do.  This formula disappeared as I approached the crosswalk. I  could here all sorts of clapping and singing and they were having a good old time in the building on the corner which had been a restaurant. I continued to walk down the street about fifty seconds away  where I ran into  two ladies who greeted me and I said hello. We began  a conversation which I mentioned that I was  trying to find a place of worship to attend. It seemed difficult for me to choose so the two ladies summoned me to attend their worship service. So I did!  I followed them  inside and to my surprise it reminded me of the church I attended when I was little. There I sat among approximately sixteen worshipers including the Pastor, women, and children. I had come full circle with my existence or history. They were all smiles and hugs and the music seem to elevate as if they were waiting for me to show up. I’m sure you can remember a time when you had returned home after being away. The only thing that was missing was the smell of all the food and desserts that had been prepared. I see now that you understand where I had ventured that day. After five Sundays, a cold and snowy Tuesday in the District of Columbia, what a great story to share with you about a storefront church I found off the beaten path!  I perfectly understand that you’re quite busy at the moment but…see what you can do with your schedule! Mr. President, Abundant Life- Church of God In Christ welcomes you! Oh! I forgot to give you the address to Stop by Here!   It’s 2373 Rhode Island Avenue NE 20018  -11 am on Sundays !  By the way, you’re invited also, even if you’re not the President.

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