What’s Next……

May 26, 2009

Do you want to know? Do you anticipate your next move ? How much control do you have in deciding what’s next? Perhaps having a plan or a schedule places you in the driver’s seat or at an advantage.  Let me give you a clue as to why I chose this title instead of something less difficult like learning how to fold your clothes.

Let ‘s just begin with another paragraph even though the subject matter hasn’t really changed. What a clever way of placing the reader in your shoes or better yet in step with you while you touch each key on the keyboard forming a word and then a sentence and then a blog post. Surprisingly enough, I have almost written two paragraphs while holding your attention as I ponder that question. 

I’m challenging you to join me in writing the next two blog entries here at Finding Your Zenith. Tell what you would like to discuss or share about your world; your quest or new journey !  I know that some of you readers out there are unemployed  or just lost your jobs and you’re finding it hard to simply place food on your tables !  In addition, Some of you can’t afford to pay for your medicine. Perhaps you gotta rah rah story, I would like to hear about it!  Let’s not even get started on talking about the housing problems ! I’m looking for your comments, suggestions, questions, and stories.

So what’s next….?    “Blessing you for now!”


Curt Canada is your personal development coach at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.


A  personal coaching company in washington d.c.  is seeking persons who are unemployed and in need a supportive listener.  What will you get from an hour coaching or brainstorming session.  It’s up to you what you will take away from this focused collaborative conversation.  Here’s the ground rules 1  email me your story (250 words or less) 2  your goal(s) 3 you pay for the call  4 lv  a tentative scheduled time for your coaching 5  pay or donate what you can!   Here’s your ticket to helping yourself . Go ahead and take that first step ! Email me at findingyourzenith@gmail .com     ” Help me to help you during these tough times!

Curt Canada is a  trained social worker and life coach  at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.

I  thought this would get someones attention. Nevertheless , it is in the form of the “Stimulus ” package. If you’re thinking about getting any of it you had better get on the ball and contact that huge network of folks all the way from local government to the White House! It’s a Great Day in America.  This is sort of a “Christmas in February ” so to speak!  Here’s my personal wish list…

monies for re-enty related programs for the soldiers and their families

reduction of crime in our neighborhoods

homeless in homes

jobs for the unemployed

a real housing solution that will benefit the consumer and those affected by the banking debacle

HIV-AIDS community research and education programs in Washington DC and treatment centers

 americans  getting involved in personal exercise programs

lowering of prices on can goods below a $1 per can

lowering of prices on pomegrante juice

funding for life coaching clinics and research

removal of security guards from schools and a return to learning

more dog parks for the lucky’ and briggs’ of the world


American support for a President (Obama) whose objective is to bring about community, growth ,and peace for all!

money is falling from the american sky….. where will it land?

What does your wish list look like?

Thank you very much!

Curt Canada has a Master Degree from both The American University and The University of Iowa in Teacher Education and Social Work. He provides Personal Growth Coaching at Finding your Zenith in Washington DC.