Neighbors or Hoods…?

March 13, 2009

I am a little taken a back by the seemingly lack of concern for the persons who live around us especially the hi .. how are you folks… You read about it in the newspaper or hear about them across the media outlets when something bizarre goes on practically right in your backyard. Take for a moment to think about all the different things that are going on. Then again, don’t think about it ! But who am I to separate the word neighborhood, where people talk with each other, where there’s a lending hand, where  environmental decline and neglect are noticed,  and where you can still borrow a cup of sugar. Addresses seemingly depict where one retreats to at the end of the day. The internet has become the new neighborhood. Don’t think for a moment that I am bashing technology.  Just think of all the different social groups and interested communities I can reach just by sharing what’s in my head. I never thought of it that way,  but so we are the ones who have created this division in the first place where we now question ourselves about the lack of  human contact  and conversation. Let’s go for a walk around the block . Notice the new structures, that new bigger that life house on the corner, and the not so fortunate family on the next block.  What about that  new school where learning is at the top of the list. No one told them about the trash that’s thrown on the ground  around the building. Maybe they are waiting on “Earth Day”.  Perhaps it would be absurd to question the responsible school administrators, teachers, and children who have no real stake in a neighborhood in which they do not even reside? I had better leave this issue for another day! Now, come to think of it I simply don’t care for either the word neighbor or hood.  I do relish the word neighborhood with its global defintion of ” universal and a collective human purpose “. Lewis Mumford,” sounds British,  states that neighbourhood  suggests “where human beings congregate in permanent dwellings.”  I found this definition on wikipedia and it sort of answers my question about how this powerful  positive word became so broken apart. I hear from real neighbors how things have changed.  It  looks as though this weekend’s weather will be more spring-like. Could this be the beginning of a neighborhood newsletter?  Neighborhood– a place where residents share their skills, knowledge, support, and kindness! Where do you live?

Curt Canada is a Personal Growth Coach and Consultant at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C.


my name is curt canada and i live in washington dc

i love and live to make a difference in others lives especially for our forgotten seniors and the less fortunate.

recently i launched the yellowbluehouse project which represents  this real present day story i am about to share with you!

while walking my dog, i ran into an elderly woman who lives in this little old house that has shown a lot of wear and tear. most of the paint had fallen off  and the roof looked a little suspect. The windows appeared opaque. over the past five months we have had small talk until now.

in the back of my mind i was orchestrating how i could get some friends and other volunteers together to paint the exterior portion of her house this spring.  That’s the least i could do , I thought?

she has since given me permission to do the work at no cost to her. However, there’s more pressing issues in which i have recently found out.

 Maybe you will help me help her? See, there’s more to this story.  Yes, there’s a huge whole in the back room(the unfinished addition), plumbing issues, trash collection (junk in backyard, kitchen ceiling repair, and more…) i am determined to do all i can do to help remain at home.

 I am presently seeking assistance locally. ” Yes, i can use your help , words of wisdom, and any financial contributions to further this  project and all future ongoing projects !  Email me if you have further questions! see ya soon…. They say “dream Big…’

Visit for further information on how you may assist in this mission.

Curt Canada heads a personal growth coaching practice in Washington DC. In addition, Curt is the vision and mission behind the ” YellowBlueHouse” Project.

If I’m not mistaken I think that Venus Williams is doing well these days on the tennis circuit so this title must have something to do with  astrology and astronomy. Our economy is at a standstill and our markets are moving in a backwards motion. I don’t know about you but the last four months has taken its toll on me. If it weren’t for the bailout tv show ’24” then most of us would have very little to look forward too. What exactly did you do all winter long? I hope you still have a job and a roof over your head. You betcha I’m so glad that spring is just around the corner. Daylight savings time can’t arrive to soon! Longer days adds up to more vitamin D, light sunshine,  choices, energy, and definitely more oxygen. Now that’s what we all need. I’ll watch March madness, yeah ,the college basketball tournament and yes “24”. Congress, Politics, CNN,  and the nation will just have to fend for themselves.  I plan to take a mental and emotional vacation. The President has asked us to get involved in volunteering.  Our country and our communities need us all badly to give back and participate in helping improve our environment. So get on board, ride the wave, catch the spirit. Spring is on it’s way! There’s nothing like the outdoors!